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reflect your style on your hair

As Hangar Hair Art, it is a brand that adopts the urge to provide the best service to its customers with its expert staff as its working principle, follows the current developments and prioritizes customer satisfaction by considering fashion and design factors.

Hangar Hair Art, which was founded in 2021 in the Etiler region by Engin Çam, Murat Ali Meşe, Serdar Salman and Ersin Kartal, has adopted the goal of working meticulously, creatively and focused on positive results for the sector and its customers with its Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter works.

join us, get original colors

    İstanbul / Etiler


    Hangar, which continues on its way with its professional staff, fast and high quality business principle, is a structure that thinks that we should not give up learning until the end of our life, with artistic touches and the thought that it can always be better, and has taken this thought as its mission.

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